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We don't claim to cover all the dating sites out there, but we have tried to offer a good range of choice to help you on your way. Nor do we claim to be the only guide to online Dating Services available on the web, but we hope to be the best. In our experience most "guides" are just a list of five sites with some out of date prices and broken links. With 16 mainstream sites reviewed, and 13 further categories coming soon, with an additional 20+ site reviews, we do hope you'll be able to find something you'd like to try.

We aim to make internet dating as straightforward and transparent as possible. One comments we keep hearing is that people hate having to go all through pages and pages of setting up a profile and registering before they could find out how much it was going to cost to join - so we wanted to address this here, let people have the information up front so they could make an informed choice. More than this we cover what features are free, which sites are worth signing up to, how many members they have, how to contact them if you have a problem, etc, etc. All of this information is available on their websites, but often is hidden away in the small print after registration. We have taken the legwork out of it for you - we want you to be able to enjoy online dating!


About Us

Increasingly in this day and age it is difficult to meet potential partners. With so many users, internet dating has shed its taboo image of the past and is becoming increasingly popular across the board - and now is a viable option for everyone from those seeking marriage, kids, an SUV and a Labrador to those looking for a bit of carefree fun. Internet dating also appeals to older singles, single parents, people looking only for partners of similar educational or professional background, body type, same sex, or religious compatibility and even individuals looking for someone else who likes doing the Foxtrot or pampering their Harley Davidson...

We have gone out of our way to save you the hassle of signing up for vast numbers of different dating sites only to then find after a lengthy form, that the content isn't what you were hoping for. We have personally signed up, or had our single associates sign-up according to their own requirements, with nearly all the sites we review, to get the insider information. Importantly, we haven't scammed the sites by being someone we're not and adding to the number of fake profiles out there. We have genuine experience in the online dating market and within our team of subscribers everyone has not just signed up for more than one of the sites listed at some point in the last few years, but all have gone on to meet with one or more individuals as a result. We personally know of at least half a dozen marriages within our groups of friends that have evolved following meeting online and within our own team of testers, one couple even met, married and now have a child after meeting on one of the better known short, we know it can work!

We hope you find our reviews of interest and use, and are pleased to hear any feedback or if you have anything you feel we should add, or remove from our reviews, we'd love to hear from you.

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Finally, thanks for helping us to help others navigate the UK Online Dating market.

Happy dating!







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